Serena, Roz & Manny

Serena, Roz & Manny

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Chicago, more than the Blues

We got a late start out of St. Louis, so after only an hour’s driving, we were ready for lunch. We usually drive the back roads and avoid the interstates, but this time we opted to take the faster I-55, hoping to arrive by early evening at the home of our dear friends Steve and Joyce Miller who live in Wheaton IL, a lovely suburb of Chicago. Read more »

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St. Louis got soul!

Serena in St. Louis

Serena in St. Louis


St. Louis was only supposed to be a good stopping point, about halfway between Memphis and Chicago, where we had planned to visit with friends. Read more »

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Memphis Mojo

The wonderful world of Nashville was like a warm-up act for the great superstar, Memphis. Center stage is Beale Street, which is cordoned off on the weekends, making the three block long corridor feel like one giant block party. Where Nashville is mainly Country, Memphis is Blues and Rock and Roll. Read more »

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All Shook Up Over Elvis

Because Manny and I are on a musical odyssey, of course we wanted to explore the Elvis phenomenon. I must admit, I was never an Elvis fan. After all, his rise to fame began in 1955 when I was 7, a little too young to appreciate his gyrating hips and outrageous new style. I wish I had seen the Milton Berle show in 1956 when Elvis’s flamboyance caused such controversy that in his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show the following year, he was shown only from the waist up. Read more »

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Mississippi, more than just the Blues

The only problem with traveling six hours from New Orleans to see B.B.King perform his last homecoming concert is that we wound up in Indianola, MS. If you happen to look at a map (as I know my friend Marge did), you will notice that Indianola is more than halfway up the state. We had planned on starting at Natchez and traveling north on Hwy 61. This plan got snafued by the urgency to see B.B. King. Read more »

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Mississippi Delta Blues

We planned on traveling up Highway 61, the long stretch of road that starts in New Orleans and runs through Natchez, Vicksburg and Clarksdale, in Mississippi, then goes onward to Memphis, Tennessee and ends in Wyoming, Minnesota. Running parallel to the Mississippi, the great River Road was traveled by countless Blues musicians on their way north, like Robert Johnson, B. B. King, Muddy Waters, Ike Turner, Sam Cooke, James Cotton, Junior Parker and Charlie Musselwhite. Read more »

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Jazzed About New Orleans

In our last post Nashville, what a wonderful world, I made the statement that private campgrounds near attractions are usually sub-par, riding on their sole asset of “location, location, location”. Well, let me begin this post by apologizing to the New Orleans West KOA and rescinding my snide comment. This private park was superior in many of the important ways: immaculate, luxurious bath houses, the best, cleanest (and cheapest) air conditioned laundry room, a lovely pool for cooling off after a long day of sightseeing and a well-stocked camp store. Read more »

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Nashville, what a wonderful world

Have you ever had days that proceed so perfectly, one thing leading to another effortlessly, when everywhere you go, everything you do, and everyone you meet seem to be placed in your path for your enjoyment? That was our experience of Nashville, Tennessee. Read more »

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Little towns with big sounds

Music is such a part of the fabric of life in North Carolina. You don’t have to go far to find a place to stomp your feet and clap your hands. On this particular Thursday night, we headed just 45 minutes south of Asheville to the charming little town of Brevard, NC, Land of Waterfalls. Read more »

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No reservations necessary

Walking around downtown Asheville, you can be entertained without spending more than a few dollars on tips, or a drink in a bar. On almost every corner, entryway, and sidewalk are street entertainers.

Juggler in Asheville

Juggler in Asheville

Bass Player of Bumtown Messaround

Bass Player of Bumtown Messaround

Some, like the Bumtown Messaround, have unique talents you might find as an opening act on a Las Vegas stage. Read more »

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