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Here we go again… to Canada!

Posted by on August 23, 2013
Our friend Liz

Our dear friend Liz

We had been planning to leave Flourtown, PA right after Memorial Day for a four-month sojourn in Serena to Eastern Canada, but when I fired up the refrigerator, I discovered it wasn’t working properly. Week after week passed, wrong parts came and went, and what started as a faulty refrigerator gasket mushroomed into the need for an entire new door. We whittled down our itinerary to exploring only Nova Scotia and possibly Prince Edward Island, and by July 20 we were ready to hit the road.

As they didn’t want us to leave without some fanfare, Arthur and Liz invited us and good friends Pam and Jim for a little going away party. Always the gourmet, Liz prepared a delicious Limoncello Granita, served over a colorful array of fresh berries worthy of any Ristorante di la bella Italia. Darn! I didn’t think of taking a picture until we had all practically licked our plates. Returning home will be easier when we are welcomed back by friends like these.

Getting into to the swing of things, rather than drive back to PA, we decided to spend our first night on the road, boondocking at Camp Costco in Moorestown, NJ. A peaceful night until about 6 AM when the Costco Zamboni crew noisily swept through the lot, cleaning and readying for the day’s business. Taking that as our cue, we headed out to begin our adventure.

13 Responses to Here we go again… to Canada!

  1. Bev lii

    Have fun, be safe.

  2. KathyL

    As temperatures return to the 90’s and humidity rises, Canada sounds wonderful! Safe travels.

  3. Francisco Sunderland

    As everybody is writting in english, i hace to do something different: que tengan un espléndido viaje, que lo disfruten con gusto y admiración lo que no conozcan y, si ven a Karin Ruggeberg, denle un beso y cariñoso saludo para toda su familia, incluyéndolos a ustedes, estimado Don Manolin.

  4. Nancy Beadle

    I’ve been watching for your reports, Roz (and Manny). I’m glad you’re on your way again. Nothing like it, is there? Nancy Beadle

  5. Tom W.

    Looks like a lot of fun. Love the pictures! Stay safe.

  6. Cheri H.

    Have a safe trip! Was hoping we could get out your way this year but we will have to try that trip at a later date. Keep us posted as to your Canadian experiences.

  7. Andreas

    Wir wünschen Euch eine erholsame und interessante Reise durch Kanada. Einen liebevollen Geburtstag-Abend werdet Ihr bestimmt verbringen.
    Muchos saludos Karin y Andreas

  8. Debra Hane (@DebbieHane)

    Thanks for the e-mail, I lost touch with you! Your website has grown and looks wonderful! I hope to travel soon and take advantage of your hard work 😉 Stay safe and keep having fun!

  9. John & Mary Jane

    Glad to hear you are on the road again. We haven’t gone anywhere because Mary Jane was retiring June 1st, so didn’t plan vacation days, but is still working! We are about to start travelling with our 18yr old Roadtrek, which still satiefies us.

  10. Mo & Paul

    Stay safe and have fun…you crazy kids. 🙂

  11. federico fernandez

    felicidades Roz y Manolo, pasenla padre cuando vienen?


  12. Karin Ruggeberg

    Hola Corazones,
    so glad you heard Canada’s calling once again! Hope you’re enjoying Nova Scotia. And feliz cumpleanios Manuel!
    Please send pics, I hear Nova Scotia is spectacular.
    Thanks for sharing your travel experiences and postings. Me hubiera encantado verlos nuevamente, igual a Francisco Sunderland, lamentablemente algo retirado de donde yo estoy 🙂 Maybe in the near future somewhere in our ‘shrinking world’.

  13. Manny & Roz

    Email from Liz:

    “Ever the gourmet…..” I LOVE that vision of myself!! You are too cute. Hope you’re still smiling and having wonderful (happy) adventures every day. See you soon! We will have a delicious reunion!!

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