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No reservations necessary

Posted by on May 16, 2014

Walking around downtown Asheville, you can be entertained without spending more than a few dollars on tips, or a drink in a bar. On almost every corner, entryway, and sidewalk are street entertainers.

Juggler in Asheville

Juggler in Asheville

Bass Player of Bumtown Messaround

Bass Player of Bumtown Messaround

Some, like the Bumtown Messaround, have unique talents you might find as an opening act on a Las Vegas stage.

Others, like Big Nasty Jazz Band, could be performing at any local club.

Of course, a stroll around Asheville would never be complete without a visit to the famous Malaprop’s Bookstore & Café.

Malaprop's Bookstore & Café

Malaprop’s Bookstore & Café

For the price of a glass of wine at the Cork & Keg, we enjoyed One Leg Up. They played Gypsy Jazz in a way that would have made Django Rheinhardt proud.

When Saturdays roll around, you can drive just one hour east of Asheville to the tiny town of Drexel to hear some quality bluegrass at the local barber shop.  At around noon, local musicians saunter in one by one, and head into the back room of Carroll Anthony’s barber shop for some high energy jammin’. Never knowing who will show up, every week is a surprise—and a pleasant one at that!

The tradition was started by Carroll’s dad, Lawrence, in 1949 in his first barber shop.  Always a picker, Lawrence carried a second hand guitar through WWII, where he proudly served in General Patton’s army.  Carroll is carrying on the tradition to honor his father who passed away in 2009.  This venue is so unique and the music so professional that an Emmy-nominated documentary was filmed here in 2012, called Pickin’ and Trimmin’.  Here’s our tribute to Lawrence Carroll’s memory.

6 Responses to No reservations necessary

  1. Joan Adams

    LOVED THIS!! thank you. Happy Travels

  2. Margie McCormick

    Such a taste! Amazing how you capture (& are such a part of) what goes on in them thar nooks & crannies of Nau ka line a! Thanks for sharing; looking forward to your next “stop”!

  3. Elizabeth Bressi-Stoppe

    If you like One Leg Up, you will Love John Jorgenson. Check him out. He actually played Django Reinhardt in the film “Head in the Clouds” and I was lucky enough to see him perform once and get to spend some time with him and his band at a friends house concert.

    And I want dancing lessons from that couple!

  4. Peg

    Love Malaprops! You are definitely hearing your music! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mo

    Love it. You two are a delight to follow. I want to go to Pickin’ and Trimmin’. xxoo

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