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On The Road Again: Our Adventure Blossoms

Posted by on April 25, 2014

For the last three years there has been some reason or another why we haven’t been able to hit the road until late in the summer. One year, a scare about Manny’s aging mom (now 97) sent us to Mexico for the entire month of July. Last year, a series of problems with Serena’s refrigerator and a comedy of errors in its repair set our trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island back 3 months.

So this year, we were determined to leave in early spring. We set our target date on April 8, assuring our departure by making an appointment with our dentist in Baltimore for that day, figuring he would be the first stop on our itinerary south. No, we don’t live in Baltimore any more. We used to live in Baltimore, and now live about two hours north of there, but we still haven’t been able to cut the cord with our fantastic dentist. Some things are worth the distance! We hit the road on Tuesday, April 8 as planned. We spent our first night at Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland after a visit to Dr. Joshua Weintraub of Stevenson Smiles, who gave us a clean bill of dental health to get us started on this leg of what will hopefully be a six-month journey this year.

Serena at Jefferson Memorial

Serena at Jefferson Memorial

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We also knew that the famous cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. would be at their glorious peak about then. Manny and I had visions of taking the perfect calendar shot of Serena nestled in the bursting blooms around the Capital’s tidal basin. Little did we know that thousands of other people, including dozens of film crews, were also going for the ultimate photo.

Serena gets the scoop

Serena gets the scoop

Please view and comment on this picture in the Leisure Travel Vans Annual Photo contest here.

We quickly realized that we would never get a parking spot any where near the flowering wonders. Since the traffic was crawling, I hopped out of Serena and hoped to find a moment to capture her with some iconic background. Fortunately, a very kind Park Ranger stopped traffic for me so I could get these shots.

Serena & Washington Obelisk

Serena & Washington Obelisk

Please view and comment on this picture in the Leisure Travel Vans Annual Photo contest here.

7 Responses to On The Road Again: Our Adventure Blossoms

  1. Andreas

    Lieber Manuel, liebe Roz,
    Wir wünschen Euch eine gute und unfallfrei Reise mit vielen erfreulichen Erlebnissen. Auf Eure Reiseberichte freuen wir uns sehr. Viele Grüße aus dem sonnigen Valencia. Unos fuertes abrazos!
    Karin und Andreas

  2. R. Michael Ritter

    And the saga with great photos starts again. Have a wonderful trip

  3. Eva

    Six months on the road is a great thing. Have a good time and keep in touch with your guardian angels!

  4. Janet Fensham

    Looks absolutely fabulous. So glad you are back on the road and enjoying!!
    Happy travels!! Love to you both, Janet

  5. Cindi

    Great images! I look forward to following your 6 month adventure.

  6. Lynne & Bill Shepherd

    We were in DC, walking around the Tidal Basin on the day you took that picture! Not with our Serenity, though, just being tourists. Hope to do some short trips with family this summer. Call us if you get near Seattle. We’d love to get together. 206-200-2716 Bill & Lynne Shepherd

  7. Peg

    Wonderful photos of the RV and the cherry blossoms. You were in the perfect spot at the perfect time.

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