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Little towns with big sounds

Music is such a part of the fabric of life in North Carolina. You don’t have to go far to find a place to stomp your feet and clap your hands. On this particular Thursday night, we headed just 45 minutes south of Asheville to the charming little town of Brevard, NC, Land of Waterfalls.

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No reservations necessary

Walking around downtown Asheville, you can be entertained without spending more than a few dollars on tips, or a drink in a bar. On almost every corner, entryway, and sidewalk are street entertainers. Some, like the Bumtown Messaround, have unique talents you might find as an opening act on a Las Vegas stage.

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30 years traveling the road of life together

Planning our trips can be pretty stressful; I feel totally responsible for our enjoyment. So imagine the pressure I put on myself this year trying to figure out how to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Added to the difficulty of planning for this momentous occasion was the fact that April 28 fell on a Monday. YES, … Continue reading »

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The music never closes

We couldn’t wait to get to the scenic Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway, but we quickly found out that leaving in early spring has its downside.

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On The Road Again: Our Adventure Blossoms

For the last three years there has been some reason or another why we haven’t been able to hit the road until late in the summer. One year, a scare about Manny’s aging mom (now 97) sent us to Mexico for the entire month of July. Last year, a series of problems with Serena’s refrigerator … Continue reading »

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Traveling Ambassadors

Because Leisure Travel Vans only sells through dealers —and those are few and far between— Leisure Travel Vans (a.k.a. LTV) started an Ambassador Program, so people like us, who love our Serena, offer to show our LTVs to interested people who are unable to find a local dealer.

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Here we go again… to Canada!

We had been planning to leave Flourtown, PA right after Memorial Day for a four-month sojourn in Serena to Eastern Canada, but when I fired up the refrigerator, I discovered it wasn’t working properly. Week after week passed, wrong parts came and went, and what started as a faulty refrigerator gasket mushroomed into the need … Continue reading »

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Quebec’s Buskers

Walking around old Quebec, you can experience a unique world of art and entertainment without ever stepping inside a museum or entering a dark theatre. As we meandered through the winding streets, we came upon the Mural of Quebecers, a huge fresco which told the 400 year history of Quebec in the trompe-l’oeil style. A … Continue reading »

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New York State Parks

Our decision to return to the US and to travel along the northern coast of New York proved to be an excellent one. New York State Parks were at least 30% less expensive than Ontario provincial parks, not to mention that they gave us a better bang for our buck! The first State Park we … Continue reading »

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A Love Story to rival the Taj Mahal

What better way to enjoy a warm September day on the St. Lawrence River than a scenic cruise through the Thousand Islands. Although our 2 1/2 hour trip on Uncle Sam’s paddleboat didn’t include all of the 1864 islands, Reilly, our young tour guide, gave us an enthusiastic glimpse into the lives of many of … Continue reading »

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