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Back to Boondocking

In PEI we had gotten into a rut of staying in campgrounds. At the end of a long day, sometimes it is easier than looking for a boondocking (free camping) location. And the provincial parks, while not very picturesque, were pretty inexpensive at $30.00 a night, less our senior citizens’ discount of 10%.

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OOPS! — Oyster Odyssey & Potato Saga

We had planned on visiting Prince Edward Island at the end of the trip if time allowed, but as my good friend Liz says, “Life happens while making other plans”. Serena’s suspension went haywire and her control gauge was flashing red continually: a very disconcerting situation. After numerous calls, Manny found that Bluenose RV in … Continue reading »

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The 2013 Dutch Mason Blues Festival

Recapturing your youth is not easy. Perhaps a song on the radio takes you to your high school days, or maybe you notice the scent of a cologne an old flame used to wear. Possibly that tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich transports you back to a rainy day when you were ten. But these moments … Continue reading »

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Lighting the Way

Why are we fascinated by lighthouses? Are we awed by their size and power or is it their solitude we seek? Do we admire them for the lives they have saved or are we inspired by the untold secrets they hold? We had plenty of time to ponder these questions as we followed the Lighthouse … Continue reading »

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Buskerfest 2013

I have tried to have few “destinations” in mind, particularly date specific ones. Once you’ve got an event to attend, everything you do, every place you go —and for how long you stay— then begins to revolve around getting “there” on time. Because of this additional pressure, you convince yourself, and anyone else you’ve stressed … Continue reading »

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The Rocks Rocked!

One of the best things about driving on the roads less traveled are the gems you find along the way. Noticing a sign for Hopewell Rocks on tiny Rte 114 in New Brunswick, I consulted the internet with my trusty iPad and found an amazing natural wonder, one which I didn’t know existed.

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Traveling Ambassadors

Because Leisure Travel Vans only sells through dealers —and those are few and far between— Leisure Travel Vans (a.k.a. LTV) started an Ambassador Program, so people like us, who love our Serena, offer to show our LTVs to interested people who are unable to find a local dealer.

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Nova Scotia here we come!

Hip hip hooray!!! Traveling season is finally here! Tomorrow we leave for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We’ll come back home through New England in the Fall. Yeah!

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Un tour de Quebec en calèche

While strolling around Quebec City, It was evident that there was a rich history to be discovered. I’ve mentioned my aversion to boring travel guide books, but fortunately, the old city has a unique “live audio tour” not available in most places. We headed to a nearby carriage stop, so we could get an insiders’ … Continue reading »

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Quebec’s Buskers

Walking around old Quebec, you can experience a unique world of art and entertainment without ever stepping inside a museum or entering a dark theatre. As we meandered through the winding streets, we came upon the Mural of Quebecers, a huge fresco which told the 400 year history of Quebec in the trompe-l’oeil style. A … Continue reading »

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