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Adirondacks in our dreams of Lunenburg

Posted by on October 18, 2013

I never thought much about Adirondack chairs. I suppose because I never really saw many of them. (Although lately I’ve noticed unattractive dark green plastic ones on the front lawns of neighbors’ houses.) The “real” wooden ones were never part of my worldview.

But that certainly has changed since arriving in Nova Scotia. Adirondack chairs (or variations of them) are everywhere. Their colors could have been inspired by Crayola.

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”adirondack”]

While driving on highway 3 on the South Shore, Manny and I were delighted by a lawn filled with a riot of the colorful chairs. Right down the road was Zwicker Woodworking Ltd, where they are made. Esther Haltner, the owner, was kind enough to give us the grand tour of her and her husband Rene’s small but tidy operation.

We learned from Esther that there are many models, and not all of them are authentic Thomas Lee designs. The ones at Zwicker were beautiful and very well made. They are also available as kits —and considering how large the finished product is— they were packed in a surprisingly small box. For the quality and durability of the chair, we were astonished at the reasonable price.

I finally had an opportunity to test them openly without having to sneak onto someone’s front porch or backyard. I eased into the deep wooden frame. Wow! They fit me like they were custom-made, and best of all, they were low enough that I could put my feet flat on the ground (this is something only short people like me will appreciate).

When we arrived in the picturesque town of Lunenburg, I fantasized about placing my Adirondack chairs on one of the beautiful manicured lawns we found there. I daydreamed about sitting cozily on a warm summer day, with a glass of white wine resting on the table-sized armrests, the Yankee Magazine with the article “The Chair that Invented Summer” sitting on the matching table at my side. After a brief nap, I’d take a stroll around this 18th century town where around each corner there is another picture postcard or a snapshot of history.

Lunenburg Home

Lunenburg Home with Scottish Dormer

Dozens of colorful, well-kept homes line the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Many have the Lunenburg bump, a three-sided Scottish dormer over the front door. Some sport a “widow’s walk”, a rooftop walkway where a ship captain’s wife paced, scanning the horizon with hope and anxiety.

Home with a Widow's Walk

Lunenburg Home with a Widow’s Walk

Take a walk around town with us through the lens of our new Nikon D5100 SLR camera and see where you might place your Adirondack chair.

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”lunenburg”]

8 Responses to Adirondacks in our dreams of Lunenburg

  1. R. Michael Ritter

    I love the architecture. You are so lucky that you can travel visiting all these beautiful spots.
    Manuel, I did not think you where that small but the photo proves it

  2. Manny & Roz

    Hola Ralf Michael. Como el chile piquín, soy chiquito, pero muy picoso…

  3. John O'Neill

    Very nice photos of Lunenburg. We were there 20 years ago, and loved it, although we were tent camping. We went as far North as Meat Cove, which I thought was a great destination, because it was a lonely, spooky ride getting there. I remember the lemon meringue pies at Cheticamp,

  4. Cindi

    Gorgeous photos – and great words! I’ve never seen a “real” (that is, non-plastic) Adirondack chair (which says more about my travel than the reality). I’m glad to know they are still *somewhere* in the world! 🙂

  5. Nancy Beadle

    Oh Roz, how we love getting your blogs! Ron and I visited Lunenburg in 2006. Your excellent pictures took us right back there. You do manage to have such delightful experiences. It was fun to read about the Adirondack chairs, and even more fun to see them. Also the colorful homes that abound in Lunenburg. Hi to Manny, and keep those blogs coming.

  6. Patty Schumacher

    Do you remember our ol’ “Adirondack” chairs on North Park Ave? There was a truck that drove through Oak Lane selling them from the back of their pick-up. Not that well made, but we kept them alive even after our move to WV with some nails and coats of turquoise and maroon paint! They didn’t live forever, but their life span was definitely a good one!

  7. Joyce Miller

    What fun! I want to go out and buy a couple of Adirondack chairs for my back yard. Trouble with them is, once you sit down you don’t want to get back up again. Appreciate the story and the photography.

  8. Pamela MacDonald

    Lunenburg is my home town. Even though I do not live there now. Most of my family is still living there. Our family was one of the founding families of the town. Great pics. Thanks!

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