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Quebec’s Buskers

Posted by on November 23, 2012
Manny and old Busker

Manny and old Busker

Walking around old Quebec, you can experience a unique world of art and entertainment without ever stepping inside a museum or entering a dark theatre.

As we meandered through the winding streets, we came upon the Mural of Quebecers, a huge fresco which told the 400 year history of Quebec in the trompe-l’oeil style. A guitar player performing on the street is prominently featured in the Mural of Quebecers.

Buskerfests” are Festivals of Buskers, and they are popular all over the United States and Canada. Worthy of mention are the Toronto Busker Fest in Toronto, Ontario, the Long Beach Busker Fest in Long Beach, California, the Lawrence Busker Fest in Lawrence, Kansas, the Sault St. Marie Busker Fest in Sault St. Marie, Ontario, the Fort Wayne Busker Fest in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Downtown Dundas Busker Fest in Dundas, Ontario, the Niagara Falls Busker Fest in Niagara Falls, Ontario and most importantly, the Halifax Busker Fest in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Around almost every corner another talented street performer, from musicians to living statues, would appear to entertain the strolling passersby. We were surprised to discover that the origin of the word “busker” is from the Spanish, “buscar“, to seek one’s fortune. What a slow route to wealth when the price of admission is simply a tip.

The pièce de résistance came as dusk descended on Vieux Quebec. In true Busker fashion, Patto & Julie, a handsome Argentinian couple, slowly and adeptly drew a curious crowd that was mesmerized by their death defying act, the “ciRcO LOcO“.

We continue learning with every stop along the way, that a place truly is about its extraordinary people.

4 Responses to Quebec’s Buskers

  1. Joyce Miller

    Enjoy your writings Roz. What is the name of the online writing courses you recommended? I thought I saved it as a favorite on my laptop but can’t find it. Our daughter and her husband are moving to Seattle and I am sure they’d love to host you when you make it to that part of the country. You’ve done so much . . . and have so much more to enjoy. Joyce

  2. Manny & Roz

    Email from J.J. Ruiz:

    Very enjoyable. Trés bien!


  3. Karin Rueggeberg

    great performers! most enjoyable. thanks for sharing.

  4. Patto y Julie

    Hola Queridos Roz y Manuel,

    Estamos muy honorados que les gustaron tanto nuestro show.

    Fuimos en su sitio y miramos el video que hicieron, nos gusto, esta muy bien hecho.
    Lo vamos a poner en link en nuestro sitio internet.

    Gracias por avisarnos de lo que hicieron con nuestras imagenes, muy amables.

    Con mucho gusto seguiremos sus viajes.

    Que pasan un lindo dia y que disfruten cada dia que la vida los traje.


    Locos Piratas,
    Patto & Julie

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