Nashville, what a wonderful world

Have you ever had days that proceed so perfectly, one thing leading to another effortlessly, when everywhere you go, everything you do, and everyone you meet seem to be placed in your path for your enjoyment? That was our experience of Nashville, Tennessee. Read more »

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Little towns with big sounds

Music is such a part of the fabric of life in North Carolina. You don’t have to go far to find a place to stomp your feet and clap your hands. On this particular Thursday night, we headed just 45 minutes south of Asheville to the charming little town of Brevard, NC, Land of Waterfalls. Read more »

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No reservations necessary

Walking around downtown Asheville, you can be entertained without spending more than a few dollars on tips, or a drink in a bar. On almost every corner, entryway, and sidewalk are street entertainers.

Juggler in Asheville

Juggler in Asheville

Bass Player of Bumtown Messaround

Bass Player of Bumtown Messaround

Some, like the Bumtown Messaround, have unique talents you might find as an opening act on a Las Vegas stage. Read more »

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30 years traveling the road of life together

Planning our trips can be pretty stressful; I feel totally responsible for our enjoyment. So imagine the pressure I put on myself this year trying to figure out how to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Added to the difficulty of planning for this momentous occasion was the fact that April 28 fell on a Monday. YES, A MONDAY! Possibly the worst day for finding anything open, particularly a good restaurant or any “happening” music venues. Read more »

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The music never closes

We couldn’t wait to get to the scenic Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway, but we quickly found out that leaving in early spring has its downside. Read more »

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On The Road Again: Our Adventure Blossoms

For the last three years there has been some reason or another why we haven’t been able to hit the road until late in the summer. One year, a scare about Manny’s aging mom (now 97) sent us to Mexico for the entire month of July. Last year, a series of problems with Serena’s refrigerator and a comedy of errors in its repair set our trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island back 3 months. Read more »

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Calendar Girl

We  are happy to announce that Serena is a Calendar Girl! She is gracing the June page of the Leisure Travel Vans Calendar. Yippee!

This is the picture that was chosen by popular vote:

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse


Read more »

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Hibernation Station

All of a sudden, December hit upon us! It’s time to put Serena to sleep for the winter. Read more »

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Nova Scotia Factoids

One of the best parts of travel is noticing the differences. Here are some things that we have found of interest in Nova Scotia. (Some of these may be countrywide, but we discovered them while here in NS.)

Road signs in Cape Breton are in English and Gaelic.

Sales tax is 15%! But since high tax means everyone has health care, we don’t mind a bit. Read more »

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What Wood You Do?

What would you do if a blight of Dutch elm disease ravaged your town’s 100-year-old elm tree population? Read more »

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