The Best of Nova Scotia: the Eastern Shore

Everyone has heard of Cape Breton. Entire books have been written about the famed Bay of Fundy and its crazy tides. The South Shore’s Lighthouse Trail is well traveled and well known. Wineries galore punctuate the Annapolis Valley.

So imagine our surprise when the region that we had never heard of, the one that no one mentioned as a “must see”, the one with the tiniest guide book, turned out to be our favorite. The Eastern Shore is one of Nova Scotia’s best kept secrets. Read more »

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Two more steps into the past

I usually do my trip planning on a day by day basis. So it was while driving on the Eastern Shore and perusing the local guide-book that I noticed an antique car show along our route on the exact dates that we would be passing through. Manny and I love walking down memory lane and admiring cars that we fell in love with when we were growing up, when guys spent hours washing and waxing their pride and joy on city blocks all over America, and evidently all over Canada too. Read more »

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Weekend of Wineries… WOW!

The weather in Nova Scotia is like an avocado. You can only enjoy it when it is ready —not when you are. And, it is usually only perfect for one day.

So after numerous days of changing plans or cancelling reservations, we finally learned to live in the moment and to decide the day’s activities after awakening and looking outside. Read more »

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Weather you like it or not!

Everyone we told about our upcoming trip to Nova Scotia immediately mentioned the breathtaking vistas of Cape Breton, an island and the eastern most part of the province. There are five different routes; the best known is the famed Cabot Trail, which takes you up steep mountains, around tortuous curves with forest on one side and dramatic cliffs with ocean views on the other.

At the advice of Anne Marie from the St. Peter Visitor Center, we opted to drive around the Cape counter-clockwise. Her reasoning was that the interpretive centers, observation areas for photo ops and boardwalks to venture out on to the huge rock formations are located on the outside. Driving clockwise would mean having to cross the highway to take advantage of them. Read more »

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Lucky Guy

Manny is one lucky guy. (And not just because he is married to me!) For the last several years, we have ensured that his birthdays have been particularly memorable. We celebrated his 60th enjoying the house blends in a coffee shop in Amsterdam… 😉 For his 63rd, we placed the order for our home on the road, Serena. When he turned 64, he relived his college days in Madison, Wisconsin, and his wet and wild 65th found us aboard the Maid of the Mist, cruising under Niagara Falls. Read more »

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Adirondacks in our dreams of Lunenburg

I never thought much about Adirondack chairs. I suppose because I never really saw many of them. (Although lately I’ve noticed unattractive dark green plastic ones on the front lawns of neighbors’ houses.) The “real” wooden ones were never part of my worldview. Read more »

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Back to Boondocking

In PEI we had gotten into a rut of staying in campgrounds. At the end of a long day, sometimes it is easier than looking for a boondocking (free camping) location. And the provincial parks, while not very picturesque, were pretty inexpensive at $30.00 a night, less our senior citizens’ discount of 10%. Read more »

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OOPS! — Oyster Odyssey & Potato Saga

We had planned on visiting Prince Edward Island at the end of the trip if time allowed, but as my good friend Liz says, “Life happens while making other plans”. Serena’s suspension went haywire and her control gauge was flashing red continually: a very disconcerting situation. After numerous calls, Manny found that Bluenose RV in Bridgewater, NS could help us. Unfortunately, they were booked solid through September. After more calls to Firestone corporate headquarters, we were referred to B&J Truck Centre in PEI. So off to PEI. Read more »

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The 2013 Dutch Mason Blues Festival

Recapturing your youth is not easy. Perhaps a song on the radio takes you to your high school days, or maybe you notice the scent of a cologne an old flame used to wear. Possibly that tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich transports you back to a rainy day when you were ten. But these moments are just that: Moments. And they are fleeting. Manny and I found a way to recapture our youth for an entire three days! Read more »

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Lighting the Way

Why are we fascinated by lighthouses? Are we awed by their size and power or is it their solitude we seek? Do we admire them for the lives they have saved or are we inspired by the untold secrets they hold?

We had plenty of time to ponder these questions as we followed the Lighthouse Route on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Read more »

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