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St. Louis got soul!

  St. Louis was only supposed to be a good stopping point, about halfway between Memphis and Chicago, where we had planned to visit with friends.

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Jazzed About New Orleans

In our last post Nashville, what a wonderful world, I made the statement that private campgrounds near attractions are usually sub-par, riding on their sole asset of “location, location, location”. Well, let me begin this post by apologizing to the New Orleans West KOA and rescinding my snide comment. This private park was superior in … Continue reading »

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On The Road Again: Our Adventure Blossoms

For the last three years there has been some reason or another why we haven’t been able to hit the road until late in the summer. One year, a scare about Manny’s aging mom (now 97) sent us to Mexico for the entire month of July. Last year, a series of problems with Serena’s refrigerator … Continue reading »

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Calendar Girl

We  are happy to announce that Serena is a Calendar Girl! She is gracing the June page of the Leisure Travel Vans Calendar. Yippee! This is the picture that was chosen by popular vote:  

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Adirondacks in our dreams of Lunenburg

I never thought much about Adirondack chairs. I suppose because I never really saw many of them. (Although lately I’ve noticed unattractive dark green plastic ones on the front lawns of neighbors’ houses.) The “real” wooden ones were never part of my worldview.

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Lighting the Way

Why are we fascinated by lighthouses? Are we awed by their size and power or is it their solitude we seek? Do we admire them for the lives they have saved or are we inspired by the untold secrets they hold? We had plenty of time to ponder these questions as we followed the Lighthouse … Continue reading »

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Merci Montreal

Driving through Montreal the day before to reach our campsite, we had encountered an unpleasant morass of traffic due to miles of road construction. So we opted to take public transportation for our day of sightseeing. Armed with a map, tourist book and subway guide, Manny and I headed for the nearest metro stop, Longueuil, … Continue reading »

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A Love Story to rival the Taj Mahal

What better way to enjoy a warm September day on the St. Lawrence River than a scenic cruise through the Thousand Islands. Although our 2 1/2 hour trip on Uncle Sam’s paddleboat didn’t include all of the 1864 islands, Reilly, our young tour guide, gave us an enthusiastic glimpse into the lives of many of … Continue reading »

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The Windy City

Our next stop on the memory highway was Chicago, a city known to Manny as the home of his college girlfriend and first serious love, Brenda Brisch. Although we wouldn’t be visiting Brenda because she presently works and lives on the Cote d’Azur in France, Manuel announced that he wanted to look up Steve Miller, … Continue reading »

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