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Friends at the Factory

As you use your motorhome —and when you see all the bells and whistles on newer models— you start to develop a list of things to fix, add, or change if you have the chance. After four years with Serena, our wish list was getting pretty long, so we decided that this was the summer … Continue reading »

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Chicago, more than the Blues

We got a late start out of St. Louis, so after only an hour’s driving, we were ready for lunch. We usually drive the back roads and avoid the interstates, but this time we opted to take the faster I-55, hoping to arrive by early evening at the home of our dear friends Steve and … Continue reading »

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Mississippi, more than just the Blues

The only problem with traveling six hours from New Orleans to see B.B.King perform his last homecoming concert is that we wound up in Indianola, MS. If you happen to look at a map (as I know my friend Marge did), you will notice that Indianola is more than halfway up the state. We had … Continue reading »

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Jazzed About New Orleans

In our last post Nashville, what a wonderful world, I made the statement that private campgrounds near attractions are usually sub-par, riding on their sole asset of “location, location, location”. Well, let me begin this post by apologizing to the New Orleans West KOA and rescinding my snide comment. This private park was superior in … Continue reading »

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30 years traveling the road of life together

Planning our trips can be pretty stressful; I feel totally responsible for our enjoyment. So imagine the pressure I put on myself this year trying to figure out how to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Added to the difficulty of planning for this momentous occasion was the fact that April 28 fell on a Monday. YES, … Continue reading »

Categories: America, Campgrounds, Cuisine, Culture, Entertainment, Friends, Music, Nature, Serendipity, Wine | 13 Comments

Weekend of Wineries… WOW!

The weather in Nova Scotia is like an avocado. You can only enjoy it when it is ready —not when you are. And, it is usually only perfect for one day. So after numerous days of changing plans or cancelling reservations, we finally learned to live in the moment and to decide the day’s activities … Continue reading »

Categories: Canada, Cuisine, Friends, Wine | 4 Comments

The 2013 Dutch Mason Blues Festival

Recapturing your youth is not easy. Perhaps a song on the radio takes you to your high school days, or maybe you notice the scent of a cologne an old flame used to wear. Possibly that tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich transports you back to a rainy day when you were ten. But these moments … Continue reading »

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Traveling Ambassadors

Because Leisure Travel Vans only sells through dealers —and those are few and far between— Leisure Travel Vans (a.k.a. LTV) started an Ambassador Program, so people like us, who love our Serena, offer to show our LTVs to interested people who are unable to find a local dealer.

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Here we go again… to Canada!

We had been planning to leave Flourtown, PA right after Memorial Day for a four-month sojourn in Serena to Eastern Canada, but when I fired up the refrigerator, I discovered it wasn’t working properly. Week after week passed, wrong parts came and went, and what started as a faulty refrigerator gasket mushroomed into the need … Continue reading »

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For me, the tricky thing about the RV lifestyle is enjoying a variety of tourist locations without spending money like you are on vacation. That can be difficult when there are entrance fees for worthwhile attractions, outdoor cafes that beckon you to enjoy a nice meal and a bottle of wine, and souvenirs you just … Continue reading »

Categories: Boondocking, Canada, Friends, Serendipity, State and National Parks | 4 Comments