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State and National Parks

Monumental Monuments

Have you ever wondered how they carved the monument at Mount Rushmore out of solid granite? Were you picturing a sculptor like Michelangelo, a solitary figure dangling perilously from a scaffold chipping away with a hammer and chisel?

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A new focus

There is NOTHING like your first bison sighting.

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Mississippi, more than just the Blues

The only problem with traveling six hours from New Orleans to see B.B.King perform his last homecoming concert is that we wound up in Indianola, MS. If you happen to look at a map (as I know my friend Marge did), you will notice that Indianola is more than halfway up the state. We had … Continue reading »

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The music never closes

We couldn’t wait to get to the scenic Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway, but we quickly found out that leaving in early spring has its downside.

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On The Road Again: Our Adventure Blossoms

For the last three years there has been some reason or another why we haven’t been able to hit the road until late in the summer. One year, a scare about Manny’s aging mom (now 97) sent us to Mexico for the entire month of July. Last year, a series of problems with Serena’s refrigerator … Continue reading »

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For me, the tricky thing about the RV lifestyle is enjoying a variety of tourist locations without spending money like you are on vacation. That can be difficult when there are entrance fees for worthwhile attractions, outdoor cafes that beckon you to enjoy a nice meal and a bottle of wine, and souvenirs you just … Continue reading »

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