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Posted by on June 8, 2012
Serena, Roz & Manny

Serena, Roz & Manny

This web site is your windshield to our adventures from the comfort zone of your own space. The road ahead of us is constantly changing, and so is the content of our web site. Hop aboard, and enjoy the ride!

We’ve got places to see, stories to find, people to meet, experiences to blog, recipes to share, photos to take, and videos to shoot.

We are 2 adventurers traveling in Serena —our Freedom II Serenity RV— and the founding members of the Leisure Travel Vans Ambassador Referral Program, a.k.a. ARP.

We are also the founding members of the Leisure Travels Vans Club, a national discussion group for owners and enthusiasts of Leisure Travel Vans.

I never felt my age or worried about it until I turned 60. For the first time in my life I actually thought about my own mortality. I don’t mean to sound morbid —I still haven’t started reading the obituaries— but the question, “How many good years do we have left?” suddenly loomed very large.

My husband Manuel (a.k.a. Manny) and I had always dreamed of a life of travel when we retired. For his sixtieth birthday in 2007, we took a seven-week trip to Europe. We traveled by plane, train and rented car, starting in Amsterdam so we could relive the Seventies 😎 and ending in Rome, where we immersed ourselves in exquisite antiquity. What a trip!

We are going to travel around the United States and Canada for the next couple of years. Then, we are planning to return to Europe, and continue our adventures in the old world.

7 Responses to Howdy!

  1. Norma Johnson

    Enjoyed your stories of your trip. How old is your van now? We would love to have one; we are looking for a used one. If you know of any please let me know. Thanks again, Norma

  2. honeydidyouseethat?

    Ak. Tried to open Mile Marker 65 but nothing. When I’m on better internet I’ll try again.

  3. Hal Staton

    I’ve been following your travelogue and I have to tell you I’m very
    impressed with the quality of your presentations. They look very
    professional and you cover very interesting side events during your
    travels. Looking forward to many more.



  4. creativedesignsblog

    Love the shots….Great ideas & scenery

  5. Barb Sullivan

    Hi Roz and Manny…my husband and I live on the Florida panhandle and really love the looks of the Serenity!! Wish we had a location close by to take a look!! If you’re ever in the area, let us know- we may try attending the big RV show in Hershey, PA in September if we can’t find one in our neck of the woods. Happy Traveling!!
    Barb and Dave Sullivan

  6. Kim & Don Greene - Harvest Hosts

    Congratulations on your plan to motorhome around Europe! We’ve done both: Shipped our own vehicle in 2008 and now we own a motorhome (that is currently stored in Athens) that we go back and forth to that we purchased in Germany. It was our motorhome travels around Europe that prompted us to start Harvest Hosts in the US. We always love sharing stories and information so when you’re ready to ship, be sure and contact us!

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