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Lighting the Way

Posted by on September 20, 2013

Why are we fascinated by lighthouses? Are we awed by their size and power or is it their solitude we seek? Do we admire them for the lives they have saved or are we inspired by the untold secrets they hold?

We had plenty of time to ponder these questions as we followed the Lighthouse Route on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”lighthouse-route-nova-scotia”]

Apparently everyone read the TripAdvisor about Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse being one of the most photographed sights in Canada because when we arrived, the place was teeming with tourists on foot, on bikes, by car and in huge buses. It is hard to romanticize about ship captains risking their lives in treacherous waters with the sound of clicking shutters filling the air.

Teeming with tourists

Teeming with tourists

We continued on to a more remote spot accessible only by a single lane dirt road and guarded by battalions of hungry mosquitoes.

Port Medway Lighthouse fit our picture of the lone guardian shrouded in fog with its light flashing an intermittent warning to the unsuspecting.

Medway Head Lighthouse

Medway Head Lighthouse

Although Gull Rock Lighthouse was too far from shore to see well, it was located off a beautiful beach in Lockeport.

We took advantage of the picnic benches to have a quiet lunch as we listened to the calls of the very friendly seagulls, flying nearby, hoping for a snack.

Gull Rock Lighthouse

Gull Rock Lighthouse

Perhaps the best one of the day was the last, Sandy Point in Shelburne.

We arrived late in the day at the deserted local Community Center, which sat directly in front of the stately lighthouse.

Seeing no signs to the contrary, we decided it would be the perfect place to watch the setting sun and spend the night.

Happy Hour

Happy Happy Hour

We sat on the deck of the center delighting in our good fortune and toasted the end of another fantastic day on the road.

Sandy Point Lighthouse

Sandy Point Lighthouse

17 Responses to Lighting the Way

  1. Beverly Lucas

    I really enjoy these. Keep them coming.



  3. Linda MacCleave

    Beautiful photos!

  4. noreen simpson

    I very much remember my trip to the light house at Peggy’s Cove and the wonderful trip we had with the kids one summer in the 70’s. Nova Scotia is one of my favorite places. I envy you your trip.
    Noreen Simpson

  5. Rubén Romero R.

    Saludos Manolo!!!
    Desde México.

    Rubén Romero R.

  6. Manny & Roz

    Email from Gary Fanelli:

    Nice Lighthouses are DE Light Full. 🙂 g

  7. Nancy Beadle

    What a fantastic memory trip! Our first trip together in 2006 was to Nova Scotia. Your pictures are gorgeous. We look forward to every new blog. Keep them coming!

  8. fred

    nice hope you’re playing your harmonica and dancin too

  9. Manny & Roz

    Mari Juli commented on FaceBook:

    Que preciosa foto!!!! Me encanta.

  10. Manny & Roz

    Liz Bressi Stoppe commented on FaceBook:

    I remember Shelburne fondly – what luck to spend such good and quiet time there! Happy Happy Hour indeed!!

  11. Karin Ruggeberg

    The pics are stunning! glad you’re enjoying your trip so much.
    thanks for sharing, looking forward to the next bit.

  12. Jim Gallagher

    So nice and so beautiful! Enjoy!

  13. reclaimingjill

    Great photos — I loved the slide show. I’ll have to figure out how to do that. You are making me so hungry for Nova Scotia!

  14. Pam

    Loved this one!

  15. Joyce Miller

    Enjoyed your lovely words and the telling photos. Steve’s grandmother was born in Nova Scotia. Cape Breton perhaps. Someday we will follow in your footsteps and will definitely let the lighthouses be our guides.

  16. Manny & Roz

    Email from Eduardo Trimble:


  17. Debbie Hane

    Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

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